Meilleurs Cadeaux Business

Meilleurs Cadeaux Business, translated as Best Gift in English, is run by a team of five schoolchildren in Haiti through Help for Haiti.

Wisline, Bethsaida, Wadly, Louna, and Chibedline were selected among tens of other students to create this wonderful team. They worked hard to learn and make these handmade jewels hoping that Haitian handicrafts will continue to attract buyers all over the world. The team plans to use 25% of their profits to buy supplies for a local hospital to support expectant mothers and young children.

“Entrepreneurs take risks, they dare just like us.”

– Wadly, Meilleurs Cadeaux Business team member

If you would like to purchase products or support Meilleurs Cadeaux Business, please visit Help for Haiti’s donate page for more information.

Join Help for Haiti on May 27th for a virtual trip to visit their new school that opened in November. Experience the daily life of the Help for Haiti students, from their home to their day at school.

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